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About DiamC

The vast majority of people who adopt our recommendations control, and even reverse, their diabetes. They take less medicine and feel better!

DiamC takes a three-pronged approach to treating patients with diabetes:

  • Medical – Innovative treatment algorithm with Continuous Glucose Monitoring
  • Education – Diabetes educators teach self-care with proprietary curriculum
  • Nutrition – RD leads uniquely designed classes

Through this approach DiamC patients routinely experience a 2%-4% point reduction in A1c within 90 days. Patients often reduce and possibly even discontinue medications for diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol. Patients experience weight loss and improve other comorbid conditions.

If you are interested in becoming a patient, call us for an appointment. We will collaborate with your primary care physician by sending them concise and regular reports on your progress. In the long run optimal care for people with diabetes occurs when a specialty care team, like DiamC, works in collaboration with the primary care physician.

“We routinely achieve a 2%-4% point reduction in A1c in 90 days with evidence-based services, such as continuous glucose monitoring, diabetes education, and healthy meals training.”

Personalized, Evidence-Based Medicine