Wellness Wednesday – Foot Care

Did you know that DiAMC provides comprehensive foot and nail care? Foot care is very important for all people with diabetes, but even more so if you have:

·Pain or loss of feeling in your feet (numbness, tingling);
·Changes in the shape of your feet or toes; and
·Sores, cuts, or ulcers on your feet that do not heal.

If you have corns or calluses, we can trim them for you. We can also trim your toenails if you cannot do so safely. It is extremely important not to ignore foot problems. If left untreated, these problems progress to the point that amputation is necessary. If you take care of your feet every day, you can lower your chances of losing a toe, foot, or leg. Managing your blood sugar can help keep your feet healthy, as well. DiAMC teaches self-care behaviors for foot care that can significantly reduce the risk of amputation. Contact us today for an appointment!